Burger King Angry Whopper – Review


Burger King’s Angry Whopper was expected to hit menus on April 11, 2019. However, they added it to menus at select locations nationwide over the weekend. I had the chance to try it yesterday at my local BK and here is my full review.

BK’s new Angry Whopper features a quarter-pound-flame-grilled Whopper beef patty, topped with melted American cheese, jalapeño slices, tomato, lettuce, Angry Sauce, Angry Onions, and hickory-smoked bacon on a sesame seed bun.

This huge burger carries a suggested price of $5.99, though, prices may vary by location.

The beef is moist and tender, and there’s a lot of it. You may have to use two hands to eat it. The patty also has that charbroiled quality that some recent releases have been missing. And the melted cheese adds a nice touch of creaminess and rich flavor that really jazzes up the Whopper.

Although the Angry Sauce may be too sweet for some, the jalapeños do an excellent job of balancing out the flavors. Burger King’s Angry Sauce has its own spicy thing going on, though without jalapeños, the experience would not be as pleasant.

Angry Onions are nice and crispy, they provide the needed crunchiness and bite, and pair great with BK’s Angry Sauce. The hickory-smoked bacon is there too and does what it’s supposed to do. Bacon makes everything better.

The Angriest Whopper probably packs more heat, but the returning fan favorite just tastes better in my opinion.

That said, I prefer the new Stacker King, so I’ll give the Angry Whopper an 8 out of 10.


  1. Sorry this is not for the angry whopper. This is for the whopper jr – you have changed your mayonnaise and it is not a good change. If it is not changed back, I will not be able to eat here again. Tasted not good.


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