Charleys Philly Steaks Unveils New Kentucky Bourbon Cheesesteak And New Tangerine Real Fruit Lemonade


Charleys Philly Steaks starts off the new year with the unveiling of the new, limited-time Kentucky Bourbon Cheesesteak and new Tangerine Real Fruit Lemonade.

Initially tested at select locations last summer, the Kentucky Bourbon Cheesesteak features grilled and seasoned to order USDA choice steak covered in a bourbon glaze for notes smoky molasses, topped with melted shredded cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, and French onion crisps with the option to add fresh lettuce and tomato.

Made with four simple ingredients, Charley’s Tangerine Real Fruit Lemonade combines lemon juice and water with sweet tangerine pieces and cane sugar for a sweet and very citrusy lemonade.

It’s also worth noting that during the test, some locations were offering new Bourbon Cheesesteak Fries, which consisted of original fries topped with grilled and seasoned USDA choice steak, melted shredded cheddar cheese and French onion crisps. However, there’s no word yet on whether they’ll be joining the new Kentucky Bourbon Cheesesteak on national menus or not.

Both new menu items will be available for a limited time at participating Charleys Philly Steaks locations nationwide starting January 19, 2023.


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