Dunkin’ Brews New 100% Colombian Hot Coffee


Dunkin’ celebrates the arrival of the holiday season by unwrapping a new addition to their premium coffee lineup: 100% Colombian Hot Coffee.

The brand’s first-ever single-origin coffee features a well-balanced taste in a bright and crisp medium roast, with notes of toasted nuts, sweet fruit, and brown sugar.

Sourced from Colombia, one of the most highly regarded coffee regions in the world, Dunkin’s new 100% Colombian Hot Coffee joins the chain’s selection of beloved coffee blends, which also includes rich and smooth Original Blend, Decaf, and Dark Roast.

You can find 100 percent Colombian Hot Coffee at the majority of Dunkin’ Donuts stores nationwide for a limited time. Just keep in mind that price and participation may vary.

Have you tried Dunkin’s new Colombian Hot Coffee? Let us know in the comments below.


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