KFC Canada Releases New Gravy Lovers Sandwich


KFC Canada is expanding their sandwich lineup with the release of the new, limited-time Gravy Lovers Sandwich.

The new Gravy Lovers Sandwich features the brand’s signature hand breaded chicken filet topped with one slice of Monterey Jack cheese, creamy mayo and one crunchy indented hashbrown, served on a lightly toasted potato bun. It also includes a side of gravy for dipping or dousing.

The indented hashbrown was designed to serve as a bowl, so that it can be filled with gravy until it starts to pour out the sides of the sandwich, guaranteeing maximum goodness.

KFC’s Gravy Lovers Sandwich clocks in at 740 calories and can be enjoyed on its own for a suggested price of $10.80 CAD, which is about $8.08 USD. You can also get it as part of a combo with individual fries and a regular drink for $12.99 CAD, or about $9.71 USD. Additionally, and for larger appetites, they’re also offering a Gravy Lovers Sandwich Box Meal that also includes a side of gravy, popcorn chicken, fries, salad, one regular drink and one dip, all for $15.99, or about $11.95 in American dollars.

The Gravy Lovers Sandwich is available for a limited time at participating KFC Canada locations nationwide.


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