KFC Unveils New $30 Fill Up Deal


KFC offers enough food for today and tomorrow with the introduction of the new $30 Fill Up deal.

Meant to feed the whole family, the new thirty dollar fill up meal is essentially the same as the popular $20 Fill Up deal, plus your choice of 12 tenders or 8 pieces of chicken on the bone for just $10 more. Each meal also includes a large coleslaw, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, and four biscuits.

Since you’re getting two family meals with one trip through the drive-thru or delivery order from KFC, the chain is also providing instructions on how to reheat. The instructions, which can be found on the back of your receipt, offer a variety of tips, ranging from how to bake your chicken to how to microwave your biscuits.

The new $30 Fill Up meal deal is available now at participating KFC restaurants nationwide for a limited time. Prices may vary by location.


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