Round Table Pizza Adds New BBQ Beef & Bacon Pizza And Pizza Panada


Round Table Pizza adds some new faces to the menu for winter 2021, including the new BBQ Beef & Bacon Pizza and the new Pizza Panada.

The BBQ Beef & Bacon Pizza features the chain’s signature hand-rolled dough topped with BBQ sauce, three-cheese blend, BBQ beef, smoky bacon, Roma tomatoes, red onions, and green and crispy onions.

Meanwhile, the BBQ Beef and Bacon Panada features crispy hand-rolled dough filled with three-cheese blend, BBQ sauce, BBQ beef, bacon, Roma tomatoes and red onions.

You can get a large BBQ Beef Bacon Pizza for a suggested price of $19.99 and a BBQ Beef & Bacon Panada for $7.99.

You can find both new menu items at participating Round Table Pizza locations nationwide for a limited time.


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