Shake Shack Reveals New Wake & Shake With Red Bay Coffee And New Chocolate Pie Shake


Shake Shack adds a couple of new faces to their popular milkshake menu with the addition of the new Wake & Shake made with Red Bay coffee and the new Chocolate Pie Shake.

The Wake & Shake milkshake consists of vanilla frozen custard blended with Red Bay coffee, maple syrup, and orange zest, all finished with whipped cream topping and orange candies.

Meanwhile, the Chocolate Pie Shake features chocolate ganache toasted oat pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds blended with chocolate frozen custard, topped with croissant cookie crumbles.

Prices may vary, but my nearest Shake Shack location is selling both milkshakes for $6.19 each.

You can find both milkshakes at participating Shake Shack restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

Wake & Shake Nutrition Facts

  • 740 calories
  • 38 grams of fat
  • 22 grams of saturated fat
  • 430 milligrams of sodium
  • 84 grams of carbs
  • 77 grams of sugar
  • 19 grams of protein

Chocolate Pie Nutrition Facts

  • 890 calories
  • 51 grams of fat
  • 31 grams of saturated fat
  • 420 milligrams of sodium
  • 99 grams of carbs
  • 87 grams of sugar
  • 18 grams of protein


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