Popeyes is currently running a promotion where you can get a quarter-pound of Popcorn Shrimp for just $2.49.

Popeyes Popcorn Shrimp features fresh hand-breaded shrimp marinated in Louisiana seasonings and deep-fried until golden.

The $2.49 Popcorn Shrimp deal includes a side of cocktail sauce for dipping. Popeyes cocktail sauce is a tomato ketchup dipping sauce made with lemon juice, horseradish and a blend of Louisiana seasonings.

The new quarter-pound Popcorn Shrimp deal is available at participating Popeyes restaurants for a limited time only. But prices may vary by location.

What do you think about Popeyes new $2.49 promotion? Is it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Hate the commercials here in MN. In a matter of 30 minutes in Maplewood, Mn myself and 4 other customers came in asking for this, and we all heard “we don’t do that in MN.” I asked her why the commercial runs in Mn then?????? So did 2 of the other customers. She just shrugged. We all ordered shrimp (#11), but won’t go back. Not memorable or worth it. $19.+

  2. Went to Popeyes today in Naperville, il on Route 59 were showing it advertised on their menu but when we asked for it they advised the special ended yesterday. They refused to honour it. When asked for a number the manager refused to give us a number. The manager name is Mario.


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